Jewish Family Temporarily Kicked Off Spirit Airlines Flight because Special Needs Toddler was Not Wearing a Mask

For the third time in a little more than a month, Spirit Airlines was involved in a controversy surrounding COVID restrictions. The most recent incident happened to an Orthodox Jewish family during Passover last weekend on a plane bound from Orlando, Florida, to New York.

The Yeshiva World reported that the family of four was removed by a flight attendant because their two-year-old was eating yogurt on her mother’s lap—and, of course, she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Video footage taken by a passenger shows that, although the family was willing to comply with the mask regulations, the flight attendant was adamant about the family being removed from the plane. The attendant left the area where the family was sitting and informed them that she would “call the police.”

The father told the attendant that the child was a special needs child—and the mother is seven months pregnant—but that they would comply with the rules. The flight attendant, however, did not pay heed to the father’s pleas.

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SOURCE: Charisma News