Next Generation pays for Africa’s school closures with its future

Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond

Students throughout Africa pay a steep price for pandemic-related school closures.

“Vulnerable children have become more vulnerable because they’re more prone to abuse,” TeachBeyond’s Tammy Peters says. Families desperately need money, so girls are sold off as child brides while young boys enter the workforce.

Last year, 50-percent of African countries restricted school access within three days of the first COVID-19 cases. On average, schools were closed for more than 100 days throughout the continent.

“Schools have closed down, and they’ve been closed for a long, long time. Some have tried to reopen, and then closed down again,” Peters says.

“This is a tragedy for millions of children on the continent of Africa.”

Even in places where schools can reopen and stay open, many parents lost their jobs and cannot afford tuition fees. “It’s been an economic problem throughout Africa because most schools cost money to [attend],” Peters notes.

TeachBeyond and its partners provide Christian education for students in poverty. Learn more here. “We work in Ethiopia, in the Congo, and countries around South Africa,” Peters says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray students enrolled in TeachBeyond’s Open Schools program can restart their studies.
  • Pray for safety as the lessons begin again in dangerous areas.