St. John’s Episcopal Church Helps Floridians Pay Off Nearly $280,000 in Medical Debt

Imagine opening your mailbox to find a letter saying your medical debt has been forgiven. Thanks to St. John’s Episcopal Church and RIP Medical Debt, that will be the case for some families.

St. John’s Episcopal Church took the charitable route in celebration of Lent. Church members like Dr. Don Zorn raised $28,000 dollars to pay off medical debt for Floridians.

“I’m a retired physician. I’ve seen how crushing and life-altering medical debt can be,” said Dr. Zorn.

The unique charitable opportunity left Dr. Zorn wondering why they hadn’t thought of it sooner. The church used charity as a way to signify why Lent is so important.

“It spoke to us about a way we could spend this whole season thinking beyond our own wallet,” said St. John’s Senior Associate Rector Mother Abi Moon.

Mother Abi Moon says the church set an initial goal of $10,000. They were amazed to see the community almost triple that goal.

“We were astonished at the response we received obviously to a great need in Florida and beyond. The fact that medical debt can be so crippling to an individual and families,” she said.

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SOURCE: WTXL, Jada Williams