Georgia Teen Shot and Killed in Backyard During Target Practice in Tragic Accident After She Had Just Picked Up Her Graduation Cap and Gown


A 17-year-old Georgia teen was shot and killed on Tuesday night as a friend did some target practice in a backyard, authorities said. Candace Chrzan, a senior at Mount Zion High School, was at a home with her friends and knew the person who shot her. “It was just a couple of friends out in the backyard, from what we were told, possibly doing target practice with a pistol,” Ashley Husley, a spokesperson for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, told WSB. “The kids obviously haven’t been taught maybe the gun safety that they should have been.”

The sheriff’s office called it “a horrible accident.” according to 11 Alive. Tiffany Cantrell, a close family friend, said the gun ended up in the hands of a minor and “somebody out there has to take responsibility and accountability for that.” Chrzan was set to graduate this spring, and had already received her cap and gown.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Jennifer Adams