Jeff Thompson on Hope For The Rohingya

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“Where can we find a home? Where can we find security? Where can we find hope?” As I sat across the table from seven Rohingya men, my mind flashed back to a week earlier when I prayed “God, I’m losing hope in humanity.” Immediately I felt him reply “Why is your hope in humanity?” I was reminded that our hope is in Him alone.

All eyes were on Devin and me as these men, leaders in their community, awaited our response. We sat under a tent in the heat of Bangladesh in the refugee camps with bellies full of rice. The pain in their eyes was tangible and the hopelessness they experienced was real. Anuwar, a loving father, shared that he found out his wife was pregnant that same day. He felt aborting the baby could be a more loving option than raising another child in the camps which had no future or hope.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Jeff Thompson