Two NYC Mortuary Workers Arrested For Stealing From the Dead; Accused Went on Spending Sprees With Dead People’s Credit Cards

Two mortuary technicians from the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office allegedly stole debit and credit cards from dead bodies and used them to spend thousands of dollars on personal items. Court documents reveal that Willie Garcon is accused of using the debit cards of multiple dead people to buy $6,500 worth of items, including plane tickets to Florida and an air-conditioning unit for his wife’s home in Boca Raton. Records reveal that he was charged in a New Jersey Court for a similar crime last year.

Garcon’s co-worker, Charles McFadgen, used five dead people’s credit cards to buy $13,500 worth of goods, mostly from CVS stores from 2014 to 2019, authorities say. He also admitted to using three credit cards stolen from living people. McFadgen has admitted to using the cards to purchase things like “stamps from the post office” and “food from McDonald’s,” according to FBI agent Kelly Calnan. He used one person’s card at least 374 times to make these petty purchases, documents say.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Jennifer Adams