Ohio Attorney Walter Boyuk, 77, Charged with Murdering His Wife, Is Moved From House Arrest To Jail After Making Surprise Visit To Witness’ Workplace In Attempt To Intimidate Her From Testifying

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

After Ohio attorney Walter Boyuk was charged with murdering his wife, he was put on house arrest in January with orders to stay home and stay away from witnesses. Now, according to The Columbus Dispatch, Boyuk, 77, has been tossed in jail after calling and showing up at a witness’ workplace. “Hello, beautiful. Have you forgotten about me?” Boyuk allegedly said to the witness, a 60-year-old hairstylist who then hid in her salon bathroom to avoid him.

The prosecutor told the court Tuesday that the witness was too afraid to be in the courtroom with the accused wife-killer. “She is terrified that if he is released he will do the same thing or worse,” the prosecutor said. Boyuk’s attorney claimed his client didn’t mean to scare anyone and sought out the woman “in the spirit of atonement” after going to confession that day, the Dispatch reported. Boyuk’s wife Katherine, 75, was found shot to death in her car on Oct. 22—and he allegedly told people she was dead before police notified him her body was found.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Tracy Connor