Nearly a million migrants could cross the border this year

The Department of Homeland Security says there could be twice as many migrants crossing the southern border this year, as smugglers continue to guide families across the Rio Grande and thousands make the journey north from Honduras and Guatemala.

The White House has also said Kamala Harris will be using ‘diplomacy’ with South and Central American countries to try and find the ‘root cause’ of the crisis that has seen a surge in migrant children being taken into Border Patrol custody.

DHS figures suggest crossings could double from 400,000 last year to up to 800,000 by the end of 2021 – even after Biden said last Thursday that the situation was ‘normal’ and ‘happens every year’.

The conditions at the border are spiraling into a public relations nightmare for the administration.

New images released every day show children on rafts crossing the Rio Grande, Republicans have shared photos of kids sleeping on the floor of overcrowded shelters wrapped in silver foil blankets, and the government numbers predict more migrants are coming.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn is also demanding to know why the Biden administration is spending $86.9million to house 1,200 migrant families in hotel rooms.

A new ‘caravan’ of migrants was also spotted in Honduras preparing to cross into Guatemala to start making their way north towards the United States.

White House officials said Vice President Harris will play a ‘diplomatic role’ in the crisis and focus on addressing the ‘root causes’ behind the migrant surge in her role in charge of trying to fix the mounting problems.

Press secretary Jen Psaki issued what she called a ‘clarification’ on Harris’ role on Monday, saying there was ‘confusion’ on what the vice president was tasked to do.

‘The Vice President of the United States will be helping lead that effort – specifically, the root causes, not the border. There is some confusion over that,’ she said at her press briefing.

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Source: Daily Mail