Germany to restore Jewish names to phonetic alphabet

Germany will be restoring the phonetic alphabet to include Jewish names that the Nazi regime removed from the tool, according to Gruntstuff.
The phonetic alphabet is used by many countries when spelling out words, such as calling out “a as in alpha,” with many having devised their own.
The famous model is the one used by NATO. The German model uses names, such as “w as in Wilhelm.” Those deemed too Jewish were taken out and replaced with others.
Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party changed Germany’s own alphabet in 1934, about a year before he grabbed power as chancellor.
As an example, the Nazi Party subbed out the letter D for Dora instead of David and the letter N as Nordpol instead of Nathan, the German website DW reported.
The Central Council of Jews in Germany, in cooperation with Michael Blume, who works to fight antisemitism within the German state of Baden-Württemberg, got the go ahead to change the wording back.
The new rendition of the phonetic alphabet is to be drafted by the German Institute for Standardization by 2022.

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Source: Jerusalem Post