After Viewing the Oprah Interview With Harry and Meghan We at BCNN1 Wondered Out Loud Is Harry Giving Up All of His Royal Privileges and Making These Seemingly Irrational Moves Because He Fears That the Royal Family Would Kill Meghan as Some Believe His Royal Family Killed His Mother Diana? We Did Not Publish That Then but Here Is a Strong Link: Harry and Meghan’s Production Company Boss Owns the Rights to a Lurid Diana Conspiracy Movie Which Claims the Princess Was ‘murdered’ by the Royal Family

The Hollywood producer hired as the new boss of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s film production company owns the rights to a controversial movie which claims Princess Diana was ‘murdered’ by the Royal Family.

British-born Ben Browning, who was last week named as head of Archewell Productions and Archewell Audio, bought the script to ‘Inquest’ in 2013 following a fierce bidding war.

The thriller’s incendiary plot focuses on conspiracy theories that emerged after Diana’s fatal car crash in a Parisian underpass – including the outlandish claim that the Queen ordered her assassination because she was pregnant and planning to marry her Muslim lover, Dodi Al-Fayed.

It is standard practice for producers to list projects which are ongoing, or still being planned, a source told The Mail on Sunday. ‘Ben bought the script in 2013 but the status of the project is unclear,’ the source said. ‘It’s not unusual for a film to take years in development. What is interesting is that his IMDBPro page, something everyone in Hollywood uses as a resource for contact details or to see what projects someone has in development, has been updated to include his new job at Archewell. And it still mentions he is attached to Inquest as a producer.’

The plot revolves around a fictional London lawyer, Michael Davies, who is hired by former Harrods boss Mohamed Al-Fayed to probe the death of his son Dodi.

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Source: Daily Mail