Shane Idleman on A Battle Cry to Awaken a Dead Church

Note: Although this article is mainly directed toward leaders, we all need to hear what is being said. My hope is that you would share this with Christian leaders in your sphere of influence.

As I recently stated, America’s stage-four cancer is progressing at an alarming rate (you can read the prognosis here). The warning is dire, and the outcome looks hopeless. The signs of impending death are most evident in our pulpits and our pews:

  • weakness and exhaustion from not obeying God’s Word.
  • spiritually asleep, often spending most of the day consuming social media, Netflix, or the latest popular TV show.
  • the loss of spiritual disciplines: Fasting is old-school, prayer is passé, church is outdated, and holiness is weird.
  • minimal or no appetite for God; difficulty eating or swallowing absolute truth.

But be encouraged — God can heal our land, as well as our families and our churches, if we prepare the soil of our hearts. God heals and restores those who are “contrite and lowly in spirit” (Isaiah 57:15).

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Shane Idleman