USA Today’s ‘race and inclusion editor’ claims she is the victim after she was fired for saying the Syrian-born Boulder gunman was an ‘angry white man’

USA Today has fired its ‘race and inclusion’ editor for a tweet incorrectly blaming Monday’s deadly Boulder shooting on ‘an angry white man’.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Colorado, which claimed ten lives, Hemal Jhaveri tweeted: ‘It’s always and angry white man, always’.

She had been agreeing to a tweet from Deadspin writer Emily Julia DiCaro who had posted : ‘Extremely tired of people’s lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not.

Jhaveri hastily deleted her tweet when police revealed the shooter was actually Syrian-born Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa.

Alissa, 21, had surrendered to law enforcement officials at the crime scene after he was wounded in an exchange of gunfire with police at the King Soopers grocery store.

Ten people were killed in the rampage, including a police officer. It was the second mass shooting in less than a week in the United States, after a gunman fatally shot eight people at three Atlanta-area day spas on March 16.

But Jhaveri’s 8,000-plus followers were quick to accuse her of racism, and USA Today management quickly axed her, she said Friday.

‘I am no longer employed at USA TODAY, a company that was my work home for almost eight years,’ Jhaveri wrote on Medium.

‘On Monday night, I sent a tweet responding to the fact that mass shooters are most likely to be [W]hite men. It was a dashed off over-generalization, tweeted after pictures of the shooter being taken into custody surfaced online.

‘It was a careless error of [judgment], sent at a heated time, that doesn’t represent my commitment to racial equality. I regret sending it. I apologized and deleted the tweet.’

However, far from exiting USA Today quietly, Jhaveri fired a broadside at the company and said colleagues had gotten away with far worse.

‘White USA TODAY reporters have been able to minimize racialized people in print, our white Editor-In-Chief was thoughtless about black face, and a senior politics editor (also white) showed disregard for journalistic ethics by hosting a taxpayer funded reception for Trump appointees’, she wrote.

‘All kept their jobs. Going outside of USA TODAY, there’s an even longer list of high-profile white journalists who stayed in their positions after accusations of sexual assault, using the n-word, and editorial negligence.

‘Sending one wrong tweet that ended up in the hands of Sean Hannity on Fox News though, was enough for this publication to turn tail.

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Source: Daily Mail