‘I look like Two-Face’: Blogger and influencer, 34, reveals disastrous side effects of botched Botox that left her with one drooping eyelid – while her other eye bulges out of its socket

Whitney Buha, 34, from Chicago, Illinois, has been sharing updates on her condition on her Instagram Stories after her eye started to droop. The blogger explained that when she got Botox to lift her eyebrows earlier this month, she noticed they were uneven, with the right side higher than the left. The nurse at the local medical spa she went to offered to inject four more units to lift her left brow, but the Botox seeped into the muscle that lifts the lid. Three days later, Whitney woke up with her left eye drooping and her other eye bulging out to overcompensate for her impaired vision. The condition, known as ptosis, is only temporary, but she ended up getting two more units of Botox to help lift her eyelid, which she hopes will work.

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SOURCE: Mail Online