California Social Services Asks Foster Families to Take In Immigrant Children at Border

(Reuters/DPA/Picture Alliance)

As the influx of immigrant children arriving at the border skyrockets each week, California government agencies are calling for foster families to step up and house additional children, a request that carries its own inherent problems.

The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD), a division of California’s Department of Social Services sent out a voice message to foster parents, requesting immediate action.

The message, originally obtained

‘Usually the maximum amount of children you are allowed to foster at any one time is six,’ said Travis Kall, who currently fosters two 4-month-old twins with his wife, Sharla, while also caring for their biological twins, aged 6.

The couple received an email with the option to choose how many children they are able to house, ranging anywhere from 1 to 26-plus.

“At any given point in time there are 30,000-plus children in the L.A. County foster care system alone,” Sharla said.

“So to ask us already certified foster parents to take on children from another country when we can barely take care of our own foster crisis doesn’t seem beneficial to either side because either way, someone loses a bed,” she added.

Travis and Sharla, who run an anti-human trafficking nonprofit, believe the children at the border are being tragically used for “a money scheme, and now they’re going to use us resource parents to take care of them.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Nadia Joy Schult