William Vanderbloemen on Why Your Succession Plan is More Important Now Than Ever

One feeling that is uniting all pastors after 2020: exhaustion. A year full of polarizing events, a global pandemic that shifted how churches operate, and a lack of in-person community has pushed a lot of church leaders to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and drained. Consequently, 2020 has caused a lot of pastors to consider stepping down years before they had planned.

The events of the last year and a half have reminded us just how little we truly control in our lives. Fortunately, we can plan for the future of our churches by talking about succession early in our careers, so that no matter what surprises come, we’re ready for what’s next. Succession is no longer just a retirement conversation, it is a readiness conversation. So how do we acknowledge the inevitable reality of succession and prepare for the future of the church?

My newest book, the expanded and updated edition of Next: Pastoral Succession that Works, provides insight into navigating leadership changes with wisdom and grace, but there’s a lot I would have added had I knew the impacts of COVID-19.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, William Vanderbloemen