Bibles for China Continues Gospel Work Without International Visitors

Photo courtesy of Nigel Pipe from Pixabay.

Bibles for China hasn’t visited China since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out over a year ago. Read about the initial outbreak in Wuhan here.

But that hasn’t stopped Scripture distribution. Kurt Rovenstine says, “What we do is very simple, and yet an incredibly powerful opportunity. Because other ministries who really rely on being on-site, their resources and people [being] hands-on, have really struggled. What Bibles for China has done from the very beginning is to rely upon networks and individuals on the ground to help us help them with Scriptures.”

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SORCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Consider supporting efforts to distribute Bibles in rural China.
  • Pray this ministry to rural china will be fruitful for Christ’s kingdom.