AFP reports that Half a billion vaccines have been given

More than 500 million doses of vaccines have been given around the world as of Friday, according to an AFP tally.

In a sign of how the pace is picking up, it took two months for the first 100 million people to get a shot, but just eight days for the last 100 million people.

By Friday at 0900 GMT more than 508.3 million doses had been administered in at least 164 countries worldwide.

– Israel far ahead –

Israel still leads the race by far, with nearly six out of 10 of its population having received at least one dose. More than half of Israelis have received a second dose.

The rate of infection there, which peaked at more than 650 cases per 100,000 people in January, has plunged to 67.

Next is the United Kingdom (43 percent of the population has received at least one dose), the United Arab Emirates (more than 39 percent), Chile (32 percent), Bahrain (27 percent), the United States (26 percent), Serbia (19 percent) and Hungary (19 percent).

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Source: Yahoo