Transformation Church Donates Over 200 MacBooks to Senior Students, Teachers, and Staff at High School in Tulsa

Many of us can think back to our high school days and how daunting it was to consider our future. For many, it seemed impossible to know what our purpose was on this earth. Senior year of high school can be especially nerve-wracking. Imminent decisions cloud the mind: whether to go away to college, stay home and complete classes at a much cheaper community college, go to trade school, get a job, etc.

Transformation Church did something Monday that’s going to help make that process easier for seniors from McLain High School.

Senior Pastor Mike Todd got the chance to speak to McLain seniors about the importance of chasing purpose. The message pairs with the current series he is preaching at Transformation Church called “Paper Chasers.”

Purpose over money

The theme is to chase after purpose over money.

Todd shared on Instagram; “Went back to high school today and had the amazing opportunity to speak life into the senior class at McLain High School in North Tulsa…Compelling them to chase purpose not paper!”

At the end of the message, Todd shared a gift with each senior: a brand new Apple MacBook to “help them chase after finding their purpose,” according to Principal Renee Rabovsky on her Facebook page.

“Blown away is an understatement for what happened today….we all have a purpose, today was just more confirmation that I have found mine. McLain being blessed today by Transformation Church is a moment I will never forget!! And neither will our students….  

We were BLOWN AWAY today by the incredible generosity of Transformation Church! Pastor Todd spoke to the Class of 2021 about finding their purpose, and to help them to chase after that, every single Senior was given a brand new MacBook laptop! He told them he hopes they turn that into a music studio, or a business, or the book that is living inside of them, or to use it to continue their education. All of the teachers and staff were also gifted a MacBook! We are so grateful, and even though they didn’t do it for the shout out, we want to SHOUT THEM OUT! Thank you for pouring love into McLain!”

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SOURCE: The Black Wall Street Times, Deon Osborne