Robert Netzly on Should Christian Investors Risk Lower Returns in Order to Invest Biblically and Responsibly?

The biblically responsible investing (BRI) movement is booming as Christian investors move billions of dollars each year to switch their portfolios into biblically responsible investments, seeking to avoid profiting from abortion drug manufacturers, adult entertainment distributors, LGBT activism, human trafficking and other immoral issues.

As the biblically responsible investing (BRI) movement continues to take Wall Street by storm, the question of performance routinely surfaces. Questions such as, “Will I have to sacrifice performance if I switch my portfolio to biblically responsible investing?” are natural, logical and very appropriate questions to ask. Perhaps it is because we are wired to assume that if we do the right thing we are going to suffer for it, the proverbial “good guys finish last” situation, or maybe because we are fearful that if we do something out of the ordinary, like biblically responsible investing, that we are taking a big risk by venturing outside of the perceived safety of the herd, but whatever the reason, investors and financial advisors are frequently tripped up by the question of performance, often even skeptical toward the growing amount of research data showing that good values and good returns are not mutually exclusive.

While one way to answer the concerns about performance is simply to point to the actual track record of biblically responsible investing funds, which you can research for free at, or to read the independent, academic research that analyzes the performance of biblically responsible investments relative to secular investments, which you can find on the research page at, I want to address the performance question in a different light today, drawing from two passages in the New Testament.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Robert Netzly