Scripture Shipments from World Missionary Press Top 50 Million in First Quarter of 2021

Image courtesy of World Missionary Press.

As uncertainty rises, so does the global demand for Scripture. More about that here.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press describes where they’re seeing the biggest spikes: “We’re currently printing about 10 million [for] Brazil; we cover almost every country in Central and Southern America,” she says.

“A great part of our material goes into Africa. Many of those countries are open and hungry for the Word.”

Learn how God uses Scripture booklets in Africa.

Between October 2020 and the start of this year, “we’ve sent out about 51 million pieces of literature all over the world,” Williams continues.

“In those four months, we sent to Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Tanzania, Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Thailand and Liberia, Burundi, Botswana, Gabon, Canada, Belize, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Paraguay, and Lebanon.”

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Katey Hearth


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