John Jackson on Making the Right Choice When Choosing a College and Why It Matters

(Note to readers:  I’m writing to an 18-25 year old, but I invite parents, family and friends to “listen in.” I’m also writing to people of faith, but if you are not a person of faith, you’ll still find help here.)

I’d like to help you make a good decision about where to go to college.  And, I think I can also help you with a process you can then use for other important life decisions.

Let’s start at the beginning:  I see you down the road. Years from now, after you have had a wonderful college experience where you made three to five great friends that stick with you for the rest of your life and where you had one or two professors who shaped your worldview and sharpened your skillset.

I see you down the road when you may have married someone you met in college, got your first job because of an internship or changed your entire career trajectory based on your experience in college.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John Jackson