Carol Round on Let’s Adopt a Christ-like Attitude

“Adopt the same attitude as that of Christ Jesus”—Philippians 2:5 (CSB).

 Overwhelmed describes the feelings I was experiencing on the day of my pre-op appointments last week. Preparing for my left knee-replacement surgery on March 24, my schedule included the following: a visit with the physician’s assistant, an anesthesiologist, and an RN; a blood draw, an EKG, a COVID test, a CT scan, and paperwork—lots of paperwork. I took notes to remember all of the do’s and don’ts connected to my upcoming surgery.

My appointment times, according to the scheduler, should have taken no more than two hours. Instead, because of various delays, including computer issues and an influx of other patients scheduled for different surgeries, I walked out of the facility over four hours later.

I was tired from sitting and waiting. However, my attitude reflected the person Jesus had changed from the inside out, beginning almost 20 years ago. Inpatient, some might have complained. I’ve learned in most situations like this, complaining doesn’t do any good. Could the staff have anticipated the delays caused by technology or a day filled with patients also needing pre-op attention? The facility, a large hospital, is used by many doctors from different offices, and who will be performing different procedures.

A Gracious Attitude

I was grateful that day for the doctors and nurses, who apologized for the delays over which they had no control. Concern for their patients, and the unexpected delays, revealed their caring hearts.

At my final appointment, the CT technician apologized for yet another delay. They were waiting on a computer tech to figure out the machine’s malfunctioning issues. I was embarrassed, however, when my stomach growled as we talked. I’d been there since 10:30 and missed lunch.

Hearing the rumble coming from my stomach, the CT technician asked if I were hungry. I was. Checking the snack room, he returned with a cold drink and a package of cookies.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service