20 Keys to Keeping the Kids at Your Church Safe

20 Keys to Keeping the Kids at Your Church Safe

Life can be a scary place for today’s kids. They are growing up knowing they could be attacked anywhere they go.



parent’s work


movie theater


and yes…even at church.

And then there is the pandemic.

Parents are on high-alert when it comes to their kids being safe while they are at church.

Churches that want to reach families in today’s culture must have a clear safety and security plan. They must also have a way to keep Covid-19 from being spread at church.

And this plan should be communicated to new parents as they are checking in and and being walked to their child’s classroom / environment. This will help new families feel more comfortable leaving their children in your care.

These 20 keys are locks that you can use to keep the kids in your ministry safe. None of them are foolproof when used alone. But the more locks you add, the safer the kids in your ministry will be.

These 20 keys can help you create a safe place for kids while they are on your property.

Ready? Let’s check them out.

Background check. Every person who serves must first have a background check ran.

Reference calls. Yes. You need to actually call the references. I was recently at a church where the previous pastor committed adultery and was dismissed from his role. He went straight to another church and the same thing happened there as well. This could have been avoided if the second church had simply picked up the phone and asked a few pertinent questions before hiring him.

No one ever alone with a child. Not in a classroom. Not in a car. No place. No exceptions. I was recently made aware of a very high-profile church where a child was abused in the bathroom. The volunteer should never been alone with the child.

No one go in the bathroom with the child. This goes back to the previous point about not being alone with a child.

Minimum of 2 volunteers in each room (husband and wife doesn’t count as two). The volunteers in the room should have been through training and know the safety precautions they must take.

Lock the children’s ministry doors once service begins. Ideally, lock the hallway doors or entrance doors that lead into the children’s ministry area. At a very minimum, lock each classroom door once service starts. This will slow down a shooter that is targeting that area.

Volunteer security team. Enlist a team of volunteers who help with these steps. Checking doors. Making sure exit doors are secure. Walking hallways.