Confessions of a Hotel Maid: Plagues Do Not Come Without a Reason, by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte, Chapter 21


Ann’s Dilemma


As word got around about the meeting with Bianca, other hotel maids joined them and shared their stories. After meeting at the Thomasville Inn and Suites for two months, Bianca moved on to another hotel in the area—San Suii Resort. It was known for its extra large swimming pool and for having one of the largest hotel gyms in the nation. Non-hotel guests were welcome to use either of those facilities for a fee. 

“I hate to leave you all, but I’m only a phone call away should you come up with anything you feel could add to the book or if you just want to talk,” Bianca said. “I feel like I’m leaving members of my family. You are more than welcome to stop in on our meetings at the San Suii Resort. And you all know how to get in touch with me by phone or at my office.”

Bianca received a phone call at four-twenty-two on Thursday three weeks after her last meeting at Thomasville Inn and Suites. 

“Dr. Bianca, this is Ann Luxley from Thomasville. How are you?”

“Hello, Ann. It’s so good to hear from you. I’m doing great. How are things with you and Camine?”

“Everything is going well. I won’t keep you long since you were not expecting my call. I just need your advice on a major decision I have to make within the next two weeks. I remember sharing with you that I was a single mom, but I don’t recall going into any detail as far as that goes,” Ann said. “Anyway, my husband Greg and I have been separated for two years now. He called me a week ago to inform me that he was going through with the divorce and that he wanted me to meet him at his lawyer’s office to sign off on the divorce in two weeks.”

“I see,” Dr. Bianca said.

“I really don’t want a divorce so I’ve held off on signing the papers which he and his lawyer presented to me before. I just don’t know which way to go. Can you please help me?” Ann said. 

“Sure. Let me put away these two files then I’m all ears,” Bianca said. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to barge in on your time,” Ann said. “I know your card said office hours were from eight-thirty until five o’clock. If you’re busy I can call you back, or you can call me when you’re done. I’m home for the rest of the evening.”

“Oh, no, no. I’ll not hear of that,” Bianca said. “I’m not with a client. I was just reviewing some clientele files to discuss with my husband later on and to pray over. We’re very flexible, so don’t worry about ‘barging’ in on my time. My time is your time.”

“I really appreciate it,” Ann said. “The past two years that we’ve been separated have been very rough. I kept hoping that we’d get back together, but things have not worked out to that end. After what he told me last week, I feel all hope is gone.”

“Exactly what did he tell you?” Bianca asked.

“He told me that he had been seeing someone and actually living with her for close to a year and now he’s ready to settle down and marry her, so he needs for me to sign off on the divorce papers. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know what I’m going to tell my daughter as I’ve been telling her we’ll be getting back together as a family soon. I hate to shatter her hopes,” Ann said.

“You said that you don’t want to get a divorce. Why is that? I know you still love him but is not getting divorced also a personal conviction of yours? If so, where did it come from? Are you trying to hold Greg in bondage by not signing the divorce papers? Are you feeling hurt and want him to come back so you won’t feel like a failure?” Bianca asked. 

“I’m not exactly sure where I got it from, but I do remember as a child I would always say if I got married, it would be until death do us part. My mother would respond by saying ‘Good for you. Marriage is no play thing, and divorce is definitely nothing to play with either.’”

“Did your parents stay married?”

“Yes, and I do thank God that they stay married. When I was fourteen they did separate and stayed separated for about two years. It was a very tough time. My mom did nothing but cry. Even I cried a lot. I was so sad. I have never prayed harder in my life than I did then for them to get back together. I thank God they did get back together. I remember my mother sharing with me that if I think separation is hard, then I certainly don’t want to get a divorce. She says it will feel worse than death,” Ann said.

“That’s what I’ve heard,” Bianca said.

“On top of that, my daughter keeps asking when are we going to live like a family again. I kind of tossed it out at her once that we may never get back together. I have never seen her react so violently. She shouted, ‘Yes, we are! Don’t say that anymore, Mama!’ I understood the hurt she was going through, but with her being so young I guess I underestimated the degree of hurt she would experience. Those are my reasons for not wanting to get a divorce plus what you mentioned.” 

“Those are all valid reasons,” Bianca said.

“You mentioned you pray for your clients. Does prayer really work? I mean, I’ve been hoping and praying for us to get  back together, but to no avail.”

“Yes. Prayer does work. God may not answer when we want Him to as He may have to bring us through some things first. We may have to change our behavior; we may have to re-order our priorities; we may have to turn our life over to Him. It could be anything. But, yes, prayer does work,” Bianca said.