Confessions of a Hotel Maid: Plagues Do Not Come Without a Reason, by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte, Chapter 19


Ann Luxley’s Story


The group met again the following day, same time, same place.

“I’ll go first, today,” Ann said. “I’ll tell you how I almost got sucked in.”


* * * * *


I stopped off in the waiting area on the fourth floor to do some dusting and vacuuming. I had just stepped out of the elevator when my cell phone rang. I put the phone on speaker and placed it in my pocket as it was my intent to continue cleaning while I spoke with whoever was on the line.


“This is Lorraine from The Financial Company. Is this Ann?”

“Hi, Lorraine. I hope you have good news for me,” I said.

“I wish I did, but we gave the position to someone else. It was not an easy decision. You both are equally qualified, but she had applied for the position before you did, so in all fairness we had to give it to her,” Lorraine said.

“Oh, man! That’s disappointing,” I said. “So it’s not a matter of my not being qualified enough?”

“No. Not at all. She just applied for the position first. I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright. Please keep me on file should another position open up . . . Yes, I’m still working at Thomasville Inn and Suites . . . The work is fine. I’m just looking for something that I can put my business degree to work on, and something that will pay more than what I am making right now . . . Thanks, Lorraine, and don’t forget to keep me on file.”

I hung up the phone disappointed that I did not land the job I had applied for. I wanted to do so much more for my daughter and myself including getting her into a private school.

After I placed the last brochure in its holder, I set about the task of vacuuming the floor.

“I can get up if you’d like for me to do so,” a man, who later introduced himself as Kevin Montroll, said. He was sitting in one of the chairs set in the corner reading a magazine. I was so eagerly anticipating the phone call and expecting good news that I was oblivious to anyone being in that area. Hardly anyone ever just sits there. I glanced up in surprise. 

“You’re fine. I’ll just work around you,” I said plugging up the vacuum.

“You just said some words that are like music to my ears: I’ll just work around you. That speaks volumes about you,” he said. “By the way, my name is Kevin Montroll. I’m the director of Missions With a Purpose, and we are looking for a financial secretary. I couldn’t help but to overhear your conversation with . . . Lorraine, I believe you addressed her over the phone.”

I looked at him askance, and he chuckled then said, “I know you’re wondering just who is this man offering me something right in the nick of time? Let me tell you a little about myself. I know you’re on the clock, so I won’t take up too much of your time. As I said earlier, I’m director of Missions With a Purpose. Being in a CEO position, I want those under me to be pleasant and to converse some with our clientele. We don’t want to come off as rude. I’m sure your manager expects that of you and your co-workers as you interact with hotel guests.”

I could not argue against the truth of his words, so I just smiled as I rested my hands on the vacuum. Kevin Montroll was dressed in a black suit with a red silk tie. A cross-shaped gold tie pin with a chain attached to it held his tie in place. The tip of his neatly folded red handkerchief showed just above the opening of his upper jacket pocket. He had a gold marriage band on his finger and a gold watch around his wrist. I could almost see my reflection in his shiny black shoes.

He smiled as he spoke.

“From what I overheard, I believe you’re seeking another job. Is that correct? By the way, have a seat. I won’t keep you long.”

“Yes. I am looking for another job,” I said remaining in my standing position.

“I may have something for you, if you’re interested in relocating to the next city. Have a seat,” he said again. He continued speaking as I sat on the edge of the only available chair.  “You can sit back and relax; I won’t bite. Anyway, I work with various churches. I handle their missions out-reach programs which includes handling the money that comes in to support their missionaries—nationwide as well as foreign. Our finance secretary will be leaving us soon. She’s having a baby and has decided to stay home after the baby is born, so I’ll be needing a replacement.”

“I wish I could stay home with my daughter,” I said.

“Oh, you have a daughter?”

“Yes. I’m the proud mother of a seven year old who is an excellent student.”

“Are you married?”

“Yes and no. Separated,” I said.

“Let me give you my card,” Kevin said, pulling a card out of his inner jacket pocket. “I won’t keep you any longer as I know you’re on the clock. Plus, I’m scheduled to have a meeting with a pastor about the direction of his missions program. He wants us to handle his missions outreach program. Why don’t you stop by my room—room 416—at around two-fifteen or any time after that, and I will share more with you about the position that needs to be filled. It’s just basic bookkeeping and accounting, some typing and of course, answering the telephone. It’s light work; nothing strenuous. With your business degree, I’m sure you’ll qualify for the position. And I make the final decision.”