Dealing with Addiction as Christians

Addiction can affect anyone – young, old, men, women, the faithful, and the faithless. As a result, this is an issue that all Christians must be prepared to tackle. After all, you can never know whether someone in your own family or congregation may be struggling with this issue.

To ensure that you give the affected individuals all the help and assistance that they need, consider the following guidelines. Here, you can see all the different tactics that you can utilize to get someone onto the road to recovery.

Understand That It is a Disease

For the longest time, people associated addiction with weakness or considered to be a moral failing. Now, though, you know better. Addiction is a disease and it should be approached as such. Any kind of addiction has to be treated like any other medical condition.

So, if you are looking for a way to help your friend, family member, or congregation member, look to medical specialists. They will be able to provide you with advice on what to do and what kinds of interventions will be best for your loved one.

Approach Them in a Non-Judgmental Way

If the person suffering from addiction has hurt themselves or others around them, you may hold a great deal of anger or frustration towards them. However, it is important to always approach that person in a non-judgmental way.

First off, they may not be able to identify that they have a problem. Secondly, harsh judgment can actually cause a person to spiral even further. So, always approach these individuals with love and understanding. Also, expect pushback, rejection, or denial in the beginning. They may need time to come to terms with their condition.

Help Them Face Consequences

Consequences is a rather tricky thing with those who suffer from addiction. On the one hand, you certainly shouldn’t enable them or shield them from consequences. At the same time, small favors like if you get Ontario DUI charges settled can help them move in the right direction. This will provide them with the opportunity that they need to work on their second chance.

So, if your loved one has been charged with a DUI, for instance, there are some things that you should do. This includes assisting them by putting them in touch with Toronto DUI lawyers can be reached out 24/7. Nevertheless, you should draw the line at actually paying their legal fees or continuously getting them out of trouble.

Establish Trust on Both Ends

A person will only accept your help if they can be certain that they can really trust you. Due to this, it is important to establish trust early on and show them that you are there for them. Still, it is just as important that you can trust them as well. Don’t let them continue to use or abuse your assistance as this can have a negative impact on your life.

These are the top guidelines for dealing with addition as a Christian. There is certainly no guarantee that things will be easy, but you will have your faith to guide you.