Wallace B. Henley on God, the Nations, and Nationalism (Part 1)

Nationalism and globalism are on a collision course and the future of civilization is at stake.

“Progressive nationalism … seeks to impose a highly specific and controversial vision of social order,” warned George Washington University Professor Samuel Goldman, as reported March 16 in The Christian Post by Ryan Foley.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis proposes a new world order of globalism to counteract all the rising nationalisms.[1]

“The world will never be the same again (because of the COVID pandemic),” said the Pontiff. However, “it is precisely within this calamity that we must grasp those signs which may prove to be the cornerstones of reconstruction.”

Pope Francis lent his stature to the view sweeping many nations that history is in a “reset” phase. It would seem that the COVID pandemic had the same effect as Noah’s Flood — the destruction of an old order necessitating the construction of a new world system.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace B. Henley