The Whosoevers Ministry Takes the Gospel to Skate Park After Pandemic Closes Schools, Sees Hundreds of Young People Come to Christ

The Whosoevers’ Idaho tour is the subject of a new documentary, “The Whosoevers Full Send Tour: Spreading the Gospel During Difficult Times in the Pandemic,” which was released in March 2021. | The Whosoevers

Over the last five years, Ryan Reis, the co-founder of The Whosoevers, a movement that seeks to deliver the message of the Gospel to schools and empower students to realize their true purpose in life, has seen hundreds of thousands of children, teens, and young adults come to Christ.

“We’ve seen over 100,000 students give their life to the Lord in public school systems worldwide through our Kill the Noise tour,” Ries, who founded the group with P.O.D. frontman Sonny Sandoval, told The Christian Post.

“We’re getting into public schools through the Christian clubs and we’re filling the gymnasiums at lunch. We’re seeing a revival break out with hundreds of thousands of kids coming down to the floor, praying to be forgiven of their sins.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett