The Devil is a Lie: Russian Lab Developing Hyper-Realistic Skin for Humanoid Robots

An employee attaches the skin to the head of a humanoid robot developed by Promobot (Reuters)

A laboratory in Russia is experimenting with creating hyper-realistic skin for humanoid robots.

Owned and operated by the company Promobot, the new lab in Vladivostok is using special polymers and 3D-printing to make the coating for a new breed of androids.

Meanwhile, other parts of the company are responsible for building metal frames along with hardware and software to handle movements.

Which begs the question, how long until Russia is full of walking, talking robots indistinguishable from their human inventors?

‘Our key task is to make anthropomorphic robots not just realistic but also attractive, to add a touch of aesthetic,’ Petr Chegodayev, a sculptor and head of the new lab, told Russian media.

‘We have all the necessary conditions for that here in Vladivostok, and I am sure that we will make a qualitative leap in the near future.’

Promobot was founded in 2015 and has become one of the largest manufacturers of autonomous service robots in Russia.

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SOURCE: Metro UK, Jeff Parsons