Returning Jews to Wear Electronic Bracelets in Israel

All returnees from abroad can be required to wear an electronic bracelet to ensure that they isolate at home or to quarantine in a hotel, a bill approved by the Knesset on Wednesday stated, while the number of serious patients and the COVID-19 reproduction rate dropped to their lowest level in months.
The legislation passed authorized the government to decide that those who enter the country from abroad or from specific countries will need to choose between the two options, except for children under the age of 14 and other special humanitarian cases.
At the moment, all people entering the country are required to isolate, unless they present a vaccination or a recovery certificate issued by the Health Ministry. Those who got inoculated or recovered abroad can be released from the quarantine if they undergo a serological test to prove their level of antibodies.
Electronic devices have already been used for the purpose of ensuring that people do not break the quarantine for several weeks on a voluntary basis.
According to the bill, the operation is carried out by private companies on behalf of the ministry. The information collected is stored in servers owned by the government but maintained by the companies and will be deleted at the end of the period if there is no report of infraction, or in no more than in 30 days.
The company will inform the authorities if the person appears to leave their house.
The bracelet cannot monitor any details about the person wearing it, except whether they are complying with their quarantine, SuperCom president and CEO Ordan Trabelsi told The Jerusalem Post ahead of the pilot program’s launch.

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Source: Jerusalem Post