Archdiocese of Indianapolis Sees Rise in Calls for Exorcisms Since Start of Pandemic

Rev. Vince Lampert

A Catholic priest who does thousands of exorcisms a year all around central Indiana says the isolation that the coronavirus pandemic has brought has only made it worse.

But it’s the extra time the pandemic has provided that has given him the time to write a book about his experiences.

The Rev. Vince Lampert grew up on the west side of Indianapolis in the Haughville neighborhood. He was the the seventh of nine children.

When he was initially appointed to the exorcism ministry, he was one of 12 in the United States. Now, there’s more than 125.

After 15 years, he’s seen it all.

“I’ve seen levitation, eyes rolled to the back of the head, foaming at the mouth, people falling on the floor and slither like a snake across the ground,” Lampert said. “Speaking languages otherwise unknown to an individual, exhibiting superhuman strength.”

While they are actions that seem straight from a Hollywood script, Lampert said it’s a battle that priests have been fighting for millennia. No matter how terrifying it might seem to some, he said, there’s nothing that scares him. “No, not when it comes to demonic. I don’t lose sleep over this.”

Lampert is the appointed exorcist for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He’s also the pastor of two parishes in Franklin County, which includes St. Peter Church and St. Michael Church in Brookville.

He’s been an ordained priest for 30 years including for the last 15 years when he has also served as the archbishop’s appointed exorcist, ever since the previous person died.

The priest has a sense of humor about it.

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