There’s a devil loose: Man is arrested after eight people are shot dead and three injured at three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia during two hour rampage

Booking photo and scene of shooting at massage parlor in GA

A 21-year-old man has been captured in southwest Georgia, hours after eight people were killed in shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors.

Cherokee County sheriff’s Capt. Jay Baker said Robert Aaron Long of Woodstock, Georgia, was taken into custody in Crisp County on Tuesday night following a police car chase, about 150 miles south of Atlanta – about a three hour drive.

The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office said it received information on the suspect’s car and spotted it driving along a highway whereupon police gave chase ultimately ramming the vehicle off the road.

The eight women, many of them Asian, were shot dead in three separate shootings at two spas and a massage parlor in and around Atlanta.

The first shooting happened just before 5pm at Young’s Asian Massage parlor off Bells Ferry Road and Highway 92 in Acworth, Georgia about 30 miles north of Atlanta.

It appears that all five victims were shot inside the business.

Two of the victims were dead and three were transported to a hospital where two of them also died, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jay Baker said.

The shopping center where the massage parlor is located was closed to the public as investigators search for ballistics, fingerprints and other evidence according to the

Atlanta Journal Constitution.The suspect was captured by surveillance video pulling up to the business around 4:50pm, just minutes before the shooting.

The sheriff’s office posted surveillance pictures on its Facebook page, asking people to share the images that show the man near the vehicle.

From there, it’s believed Long drove more than 30 miles where a further two shootings occurred in northeast of the city in the suburb of Woodland Hills.

The two day spas attacked are located directly across the street from one another.

Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant said three people were killed at a spa in northeast Atlanta, while a fourth person was killed at another spa across the street. He said all four victims were female, and ‘It appears that they may be Asian.’

The second set of shootings occurred less than one hour and fifteen minutes later, just before 6pm at the Gold beauty spa.

Police were called to the location having been told that a robbery was taking place on the premises.

‘While at that location we received another call across the street that had shots fired,’ Bryant said. ‘We responded to that to find another individual was shot at that location.’

When police entered they found three women who had all been shot and subsequently died from their wounds.

While on the scene at Gold Spa, cops received a second call from the Aromatherapy Spa directly across the street.

Officers responded immediately crossing Piedmont Road to find that one woman had also been shot and killed there as well.

The shootings took place at spas where a majority of the employees are Asian. The four women who were killed in the two spas were said to be of Asian ethnicity.

Hundreds of miles away in New York, the NYPD’s Critical Response Command was deployed to Asian communities throughout the city. The pandemic has seen a recent uptick in hate crimes towards Asian Americans.

On Tuesday evening in Atlanta, Piedmont Road was still completely shut down in both directions with heavy police activity in the area.

Officers could be seen with guns walking on the street outside both spas.

Atlanta police Chief Rodney Bryant assured the public there was no immediate danger to the public.

Investigators are now gathering information from both scenes to determine the timeline of what occurred and the motive behind the shootings.

Law enforcement officials did not offer a motive for the shooting rampage and said they did not immediately know if the Asian women were targeted. Also killed in the Cherokee attacks were a white woman and a white man.

Police from all jurisdictions say they are ‘very confident’ that the same suspect was the gunman in all three shootings.

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Source: Daily Mail