QAnon’s mysterious leader Q is named as Ron Watkins, the son of 8Chan owner, in new HBO docu-series Into The Storm

A new HBO docu-series has named the head of QAnon as Ron Watkins, the son of the founder of 8Chan.

Q: Into The Storm is airing on HBO Max on March 21. Its filmmakers name Watkins, the son of 8Chan founder Jim Watkins, as Q, the head of the right-wing, pro-Trump conspiracy theory group.

Ron Watkins is interviewed as part of the series as his father and other members of the group.

It’s unclear why filmmaker Cullen Hoback thinks he is Q. Holback says he spent three years studying the right-wing group and he is interviewed for the series.

In a trailer for it, he told the filmmakers: ‘So you’re making a list of who might be Q?

‘Let’s continue then.’

Ron is the administrator of 8Chan (now known as 8Kun), an online message board where QAnon sprouted roots in 2017 and gained followers.

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Source: Daily Mail