7 Dating Tips For The Modern Christian

Dating in the modern age could get very complicated. As cultural values and norms change, finding love while keeping up with your Christian values may seem difficult. Finding like-minded believers who have similar relationship goals can be daunting, especially when casual and online dating are the new normal. 

However, maintaining your Christian values while navigating the dating scene can still be done by making the right choices and knowing exactly what you’re looking for. You can check out this article about 10 Ultimate Christian Dating Advice that are given by the experts. But for beginners who need a primer about dating as a young and modern Christian, the following tips would be also helpful for you:

  • Trust The Plan  

If you’ve grown up with a strong faith in God, you may be already aware of the superiority of the divine plan. Thus, no matter the circumstances, the first step towards navigating the complicated dating world is to trust the divine plan that God has already set out for you.  

By putting your trust in God, you will have the strength to continue even amidst challenges. Most of all, trusting His plans means that you have to be patient. God’s wonders usually take time to unfold, but it always does in the right time.

  • Work On Yourself  

As humans, nobody is perfect, but there’s always room for self-improvement. By understanding your weaknesses, you can become a better person and be more open to adjustments. Since relationships often require understanding and adjusting from both partners, being sincere about your flaws will help you understand yourself better and help you make necessary changes to maintain happy and successful relationships. To overcome your weaknesses, you may consider reading scriptures or praying sincerely. You can also get involved in activities that can help you bring out your positive qualities. 

  • Be Confident  

Before you enter the dating world, it’s essential to have a deeper understanding of yourself and have confidence in who you are. While it’s important to be humble and polite, knowing yourself helps you set standards and preferences. Setting standards for yourself is essential before you enter the dating world, this is how you can avoid those who don’t match your beliefs and values. 

Most of all, you won’t be easily pressured to change just because a potential partner says so. Being firm in your values and beliefs will help you keep on a straight path and would prevent you from getting into unsuitable relationships.

  •  Set Your Boundaries  

 Finding people who trust and respect traditional values may be difficult. While dating, make sure to define your boundaries. Setting boundaries for yourself can help you keep your privacy, preserve self-respect, and keep you away from unhealthy relations or vulnerable situations. Aside from setting your own boundaries, you also need to learn to respect your partner’s boundaries. This is how you can set up a healthy relationship, even early in the dating phase.

  • Be Sure Of What You’re Looking For  

Many modern Christians have little success in the dating world, and the main reason for this is simply the lack of awareness of what they are looking for. Many Christians, especially the young ones, may feel confused about what exactly they are looking for in a partner—especially those who are in a rush to find romantic relationships.

One of the best ways to avoid such a situation is to be sure of what you’re looking for in your partner, the relationship goals you’d want to achieve, and a vision of the future you want in a relationship. 

To know what you’re looking for, start by setting standards and expectations of the kind of person you want your partner to be. However, you must take note that it is very rare to find someone who would really meet all the standards you’ve set, so try to be a little flexible with that as well. 

  • Communicate Effectively  

Communication is key to any healthy relationship. This is not just about texting, chats, or emails. While communicating through those channels is also helpful, it’s also necessary to communicate with the other in person through real, one-on-one communication.  

Doing so will help you know your partner at a deeper level and connect with them more. Communicating in real-time will also give you a better idea about your partner’s values and help you determine if you’re indeed compatible with each other. It also tests how you can withstand differences through honest and open communication.

  • Be Authentic  

There’s no magical one-formula-solution to ensure a lasting relationship. However, being true to yourself can do wonders. While going on a date, just be who you are and don’t try to become someone else to impress another person. 

Being yourself can help you build a genuine connection with the other person. Holding on to your identity and faith will always give you security and peace as you navigate the modern dating world. 


While technology and cultural changes have made dating more fast-paced and casual, finding a genuine connection seems like an obscure possibility. For a modern Christian who values truthfulness, righteousness, and honor, finding a partner with similar beliefs and values may be difficult. 

However, as long as you keep the faith, maintain self-confidence, set boundaries, and determine what you really look for in a partner, you can better navigate the dating process. Knowing yourself and what you want from a partner will help you find a more suitable match in the future. Setting boundaries and practicing honest and effective communication also help you build and establish a healthy relationship. With that, you can avoid falling into difficult and vulnerable situations.

By following these simple dating tips, you can smoothly navigate the modern dating world while keeping your beliefs and values intact. Doing so will ensure that you can find someone with whom you can build a genuine connection. It may take long, but always remember that His plans are always bound to happen—in due time.