Meghan Markle Demands to See Emails and Texts on Bullying Allegations After a Senior Palace Aide Accused her of ‘Unacceptable Behaviour’ Towards Two Personal Assistants

The duchess of Sussex accused the royal family of raising concerns about the colour of her son’s skin [Harpo Productions/Joe Pugliese/Handout via Reuters]

The Duchess of Sussex has written to Buckingham Palace demanding to see any documents, emails or text messages relating to the bullying complaint against her, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

A senior Palace aide had accused her of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ towards two personal assistants and undermining the confidence of a third. The Palace has now launched an inquiry into the claims.

But in a clear indication that the Duchess is preparing to fight back against what she has termed ‘a smear campaign’, a senior Palace source confirmed that her office had ‘written to request the evidence’.

In response, the Queen has passed the request to the Prince of Wales, whose closest aides are now conducting a search of files.