World Relief Urges Biden to Raise U.S. Refugee Ceiling as Promised

A family of Syrian refugees are being interviewed by authorities in hope of being approved for passage to Canada at a refugee processing centre in Amman, Jordan, November 29, 2015. | Reuters/Paul Chiasson/Pool

An evangelical aid organization has urged President Joe Biden to fulfill his promise to raise the refugee ceiling more than a month after his administration announced 62,500 refugees would be allowed to enter the United States this year.

The Biden administration sent the report to Congress on Feb. 12 announcing the entry of 62,500 refugees. A month later, over 700 refugees are still waiting and had to cancel their flights to the U.S. due to delayed action by the administration.

On Friday, Christian humanitarian aid organization World Relief’s Senior Vice President Jenny Yang moderated the “Justice Delayed” panel with other aid organizations to discuss why they’re urging the Biden administration to raise the refugee cap.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Emily Wood