RZIM to Lay Off 60% of Staff, End Apologetics Ministry, and Restructure as Grant-Making Organization to Support Evangelism and Abuse Victims

The mission of RZIM is undergoing a major overhaul after the ministry was rocked by revelations of sexual misconduct by its late founder and namesake Ravi Zacharias.

Sarah Davis, his eldest daughter and RZIM CEO, said in an email to supporters that the organization will become a grant-making institution with a focus on two areas of work: preaching the Gospel and preventing sexual abuse and providing care for its victims, Religion News Service reports.

It will also lay off around 60 per cent of staff. Staff being made redundant are to receive severance pay and will not have to sign non-disclosure agreements.

“RZIM cannot — indeed should not — continue to operate as an organization in its present form,” said Davis.

“Nor do we believe we can merely rename the organization and move forward with ‘business as usual.'”

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SOURCE: Christian Today, Jennifer Lee