Michael Murphy on Six Danger Signs for Christian Leaders

There is much handwringing and anguish over the recent stories of high-profile moral failures of Christian leaders. We are hurt, confused and angry that our leaders have failed to demonstrate faithfulness to the very principles they are teaching. The enemy leaps on this and uses these failures to weaken the faith of those who are impacted. We can and should be a light to the world instead of succumbing to the pressures and patterns of this dark world (Romans 12:2).

In my almost 3 decades of ministry, I have seen and counseled a large number of these fallen Christian leaders. This is more than I have ever wanted to. These leaders are people who God loves and forgives. They are not the enemy but have fallen into the snares set for them by the one who would see the goodness of God distorted. This enemy is not overly creative in his attacks on the faith, and the patterns used are discernable. I have seen six common threads in the failures of those I have counseled over the years. Each of these threads are deadly in isolation and gain even more strength in combination. Often, they build on one another and when in full bloom, some level of moral failure is almost certain.

1)  Leaders begin to believe the vision they are pursuing is their own, not God’s.

One of the powerful things that Christian leaders have is vision. This vision can be for building up a church or ministry, gathering people, encouraging people, or bringing about healing and many other things. The key thing is that this vision is unique and inviting. It draws people to support and implement it. This vision is key to a leader’s success in the endeavors they are called to.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is co-author of Leading Beyond Your Limits.  He has served in a variety of leadership roles in ministry settings in both church and mission fields since 1993.