New Survey Finds Most American Mothers Believe Having a Full-Time Earner and Stay-at-Home Parent is the Ideal Household Arrangement

Unsplash/Jude Beck

A new survey reveals that American families face profound pressures and that most married mothers believe the ideal household socioeconomic arrangement is a full-time earner and a stay-at-home parent raising young children.

The 2021 Home Building survey released last month by American Compass Research detailed how families in the U.S. are socio-economically. Among parenting-age adults 18-50, only those who are married and have the highest income and education levels are likely to report that they have achieved what is known as the “American Dream.”

Only 25% of the general population say they have achieved it, whereas 55% say they are getting by but do not have the life they desire. Twenty percent say they are “struggling and worried for the future.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter