40 Days for Life Saves 189 Babies’ Lives in Worldwide Campaign

(Facebook/40 Days for Life)

What could you accomplish for the kingdom in three weeks if you invested your time, resources and full-hearted energy?

As they draw near to the halfway point of their ministry campaign, just over three weeks, the pro-life organization 40 Days for Life has prevented 189 lives from being prematurely taken through abortion.

That’s 189 children who now have the chance to blossom into kingdom influencers, world changers and culture cultivators.

All because a team of dedicated sons and daughters of the King spent the last 3 weeks in 567 cities across America witnessing to the hurt, broken and desperate women who believed abortion was their only option.

From Feb. 17 to March 28 this biannual campaign for life encourages pro-lifers to pray, fast and host peaceful vigils outside abortion clinics worldwide. Even in the midst of sparking controversy, this year’s vigil has rallied the largest turnout of volunteers the organization has seen yet.

According to its website, since 40 Days for Life’s founding in 2007, the nonprofit has seen over 18,000 lives saved,109 abortion centers closed and 211 abortion workers quit their jobs.

The momentum is growing.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Nadia Joy Schult