Save the Storks CEO Says Equality Act Will Jeopardize Freedoms of Pregnancy Centers and Other Pro-Life Protections

Reuters/Joshua Lott

If the Equality Act becomes law, it will jeopardize the freedoms of pregnancy resource centers and hinder other pro-life protections, warns Save the Storks’ CEO Diane Ferraro.

Ferraro of Save the Storks told The Christian Post in a Thursday interview that if the Equality Act passes the Senate, pro-life centers and nonprofit organizations would be endangered.

“If the Equality Act passes, the religious freedom will be taken away, and as a Christian nonprofit organization that partners with pregnancy resource centers across the state, we believe in equality for every woman as well as for every human being,” Ferraro said. “[This] could strip away those privileges and those rights that our pregnancy resource centers have right now.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Emily Wood