No Time for Evil Chapter 7 by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte


No Time For the Abomination of Homosexuality


* * * * *


An uneasy feeling came over Bishop Akron.
“It tells us right here in Romans chapter one,” his mentor continued. “Don’t let them fool you. These homosexuals know that what they are doing is wrong, yet they encourage others to join them. I closed my Bible. Let me find it again.”

As Prophet Malcolm turned the pages of his Bible, Bishop Akron’s mind wandered to his choir director and his main pianist he had hired just within the past year. Whispers were floating around the church about them, but he had ignored the rumors. The choir director knew how to rock the choir and the pianist knew how to make the piano sing. And that was all that mattered to him.

“Okay, here we go,” Prophet Malcolm said. “It says here in Romans chapter one verse thirty-two, ‘Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.’ They spur each other on in their wrong doing. They go around like a dog, sniffing for the precious innocent souls to entice them into their sinful way of living. That is why they mess with children and young people. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what they do to little children. Those priests will be thrown in the lowest hell. But I don’t even want to get into that. Did I ever tell you about those two love-birds who visited my church before we went on lockdown?”

“No, you didn’t. What happened?” Bishop Akron asked.

“These two men visited my church one Sunday. When I saw them sitting in the pew so close to each other, I got a little curious. My antennae shot up. While I was shaking their hands after the services, the one with the high-pitched voice which sounded so strained and fake to me said, ‘This is my live-in friend. We’ll be back to worship with you.’ Something just didn’t set right in my spirit about them.”

“He actually said ‘live-in’?” Bishop Akron asked.

“He did. These homosexuals are bold in letting us know who they are. Anyway, they came back the following Sunday. One had on a pair of jeans so tight I’m still trying to figure out how he got into it. I believe he had a dab of paint on the lips. I got fired up when I saw how close they were sitting to each other again. Sadie and I have never even sat that close. Listen to this: one of them laid his head on the other one’s shoulder. You should have seen the expression on the faces of some of the congregants sitting behind them. That just took the cake for me. I became a preaching machine for sure. I preached against every sin I could think of. Their amens were just as loud as anybody else’s until . . .”

Bishop Akron chuckled as he anticipated what his friend was about to say. 

“. . .  until I hit on the sin of homosexuality. Their amens were not so loud then and they started giving me that dirty look. But then I remembered God telling Jeremiah don’t be afraid of the hard looks on their faces; you just preach what I tell you to preach because if you don’t I will ‘confound’ you before them. Now I don’t know what all that word ‘confound’ means, but I didn’t want God to confound me before them so I let it rip. I just let them have it. My wife told me later she thought I had lost my mind as she reminded me of some of the things I said.”

Bishop Akron almost fell out laughing. 

“I told them to stay in your closets as we do not want to see you, smell you, nor hear from you about your sinful lifestyle. I told them to leave us Christians alone and to stop trying to get us to support their immoral lifestyle by trying to get us to assimilate them into our churches. I said, if you are a homosexual, I will not make it comfortable for you in my church just like I don’t make it comfortable for adulterers, fornicators, drunkards, thieves, etc. Don’t come seeking a position in this church. And guess what? You can take your money with you.”

Bishop Akron was laughing so hard he could hardly speak. “Now, Preacher, you know you ought to leave them homosexuals alone especially if all they do is just sit in on the preaching and don’t cause a problem. I have a problem with these pastors closing their church doors on them. They need to be preached to as well. Don’t they need salvation, too?”

“Absolutely! No question there. They can come and hear the preaching of the Gospel, but I want no show of affection between them while they are on church property. Do that in your closet. Husbands and wives don’t even do that in my church. One homosexual almost tore my church up, coming in twitching, smiling and twinkling his eyes at some of the men. Not only did I preach him out, but I had to take him aside and tell him I will not tolerate that in my church and that he needs to take his flirtations somewhere else. He even tried to flirt with me and got so mad when I rejected him. He slammed my office door so hard I did not move for a few seconds as I sat waiting for the door to fall off its hinges.”

“You don’t say,” Bishop Akron said, almost coming unglued.

“I just said it ‘cause it’s true. I have not seen him since. I was getting ready to lay down my salvation, put on my boxing shorts and gloves and box his twitching behind out of my office and off church property.”

Bishop Akron fell out laughing.

“I’m telling you. I believe I preached like I had never preached before. The two of them jumped out of their seats, holding hands. I forgot to mention, one man had a purse—a fiery red purse clutched under his arm. One of the deacons standing by the door, opened the door for them and bowed as they stomped through the door. He later told me one of them said, ‘Your pastor is sick in the head. Tell him we won’t be coming here any more.’”


“I say good riddance,” Prophet Malcolm said. “I have to preach against all sin because time is winding down and we have no time for evil. Besides, God is going to hold me accountable for how I guided the sheep, for every sermon I preached.”

“Now, do you have a problem with them coming to your church at all?” Bishop Akron asked.

“I used to, but God showed me they are like any other sinners we let into the church. They are welcome to come as long as they stay in the pews, don’t mess with any of the congregants, don’t go kissing on each other, and don’t try to seek a position in the church.”

“What if they claim to be saved?”

“If they are truly saved, they will live a Christian lifestyle. Just as God can deliver any other sinner from their sins, He can deliver the homosexual from his sin and the lesbian from her sin.”

“Now if you knew someone in your church was committing adultery or fornication or was a drunkard, would you give them a position in your church?” Bishop Akron asked. 

“Of course not. I had to let one of my deacons go just this past year because he refused to stop fooling around with this woman. A few years back I had to sit one of my Sunday school teachers down because he refused to give up the bottle. I have to be fair across the board. I can’t preach hard against the sin of homosexuality and refuse them a position in the church  yet tolerate other sins and give those living in sin positions in the church and vice versa. That’s hypocrisy,” Prophet Malcolm said. “On top of that, I do not trust any preacher who preaches against sin yet he is living in that sin he’s preaching against or some other sin. I believe many pastors are tolerating this sin of homosexuality in their churches because they are living in sin themselves, and or they are tolerating other sins in their churches for whatever reason. I believe that is part of the reason God is not blessing our churches as He wants to. We are living in an age of compromising preachers. Like I told you before, I believe this is why this plague is upon us. How can we tolerate adultery, fornication, drunkenness, gluttony . . .”


“Yes. That’s a sin, too. Church folks are some of the fattest, overweight, obese, pleasantly plump—whatever you want to call it—people I have seen. The Bible speaks of moderation and when we don’t do things in moderation, it’s a sin against God. As far as I am concerned, not eating in moderation is a sin. But that’s another topic for discussion.”

The men fellowshipped for a while longer, promising to uphold each other in prayer throughout the week. As soon as Prophet Malcolm hung up the phone, he turned to his wife who had rejoined him in his office as he was wrapping up his conversation with Bishop Akron.

“You know, Sadie,” he said. “I’m concerned about Bishop Akron. He seems too sympathetic towards the homosexuals. I have noticed that for a while now. I just hope my assumptions are wrong. But I’m so prayed up and so in tune with God that when He gives me a check in my spirit about something, I’m rarely wrong.”

“Well, all we can do is pray for him and hope that’s not the case,” Sadie said.