Trump Hints at Running Again in 2024 as a Republican, but Only 68% of CPAC Attendees Agree

Donald Trump strongly hinted to CPAC in Orlando on Sunday that he might run again for president in 2024 and confirmed he would remain a Republican instead of starting a third political party.

After falsely claiming he had won reelection last year, he said, “Who knows? I might even decide to beat them [the Democrats] for a third time,” a statement that brought loud cheers from the conventioneers. He repeated the falsehood that he won the election several times.

The ex-president said he was sticking with the GOP to fight what he claimed was Democratic socialism, “which we know leads to communism.”

“I am not starting a new party,’’ he said.

Trump spent much of the speech criticizing the Biden Administration for its policies on immigration, energy and other issues, which he called “a destructive agenda,” and said he would work to elect strong Republican leaders to regain control of Congress.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel