Islamic Terrorists Threaten to Execute Nigerian Pastor if Ransom Is Not Paid in 1 Week

A Christian cleric, Bulus Yikura, has appealed to the Nigerian government and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to negotiate with Boko Haram for his release, to stop the terrorists from executing him in seven days.

Mr Yikura made the appeal in a video clip recorded on Wednesday and released by the terrorist group.

Kneeling in front of a masked man holding a dagger, Mr Yikura begged for fast intervention to save his life.

The cleric, who identified himself as a worshipper at EYN LCC, said his appearance in the video was the last chance given to him to call for help.

Speaking in Hausa, Mr Yikura said the countdown to his execution started on February 24 and ends on March 4.

“My name is Bulus Yikura from EYN LCC 1. This is a call to our leader President Muhammadu Buhari, the governor of Borno State and our local council chairman to come to my rescue.

“I have been given only seven days to appeal for assistance that will help me out of this torture.

“If truly you want to rescue me from this untold suffering and threat to life, then you have to act fast.

“I am also calling on the EYN president to help mobilise help that will rescue me, and also pray for me so that God will make things easy for me here.

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Source: Premium Times