Michael Brown on What in the World is God Doing? A Broader Perspective and Seeing the Big Picture

The Need to Overcome Tunnel Vision

While living and traveling in several countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, my awareness and learning journey has been greatly expanded.  I began discovering more about various customs, cultural value systems and worldviews.  It was a season of discovering how much I did not know, and the fact that the rest of the world is very different than North Arkansas, where I grew up.  You might say I had tunnel vision, but we all have tunnel vision to some extent.  We just need bigger tunnels.  Most everyone can benefit from having a broader perspective and seeing the big picture of what God is doing in the world.

Expanding Awareness

A significant part of my spiritual journey was coming to an awareness that the Kingdom of God is much bigger than the Southern Baptist Convention.  Having participated in many international and inter-denominational conferences and meetings over the years has been extremely beneficial. It has helped open my eyes to the diversity and vastness of the Body of Christ.  Getting to know and spend time with a good number of individuals who have experience and godly wisdom has also been a great blessing.  We are often reminded that the Kingdom of God is built on relationships.  A friend of mine often says, “Awareness is the first step to change.”

Some Modern Advantages

One of the amazing things about our world today, with all the communications media and modern technological resources, we can be well informed and well connected without going to a lot of meetings.  As valuable as personal contacts and relationships are, not everyone has the opportunity to physically engage in those multi-cultural events.  Now, we have increasing possibilities of benefiting from virtual meetings, webinars, conference calls and online training resources.  In fact, it can become overwhelming to try to keep up with all that God is doing in the world today.

Getting in on what God is up to

The late Manley Beasley, a friend and mentor to me for many years, use to say, “Our big challenge is to find out what God is up to, and get in on it.”  Henry Blackaby put it another way, he said, “Identify the activity of God, and join Him.”  A big challenge today is knowing what God is up to and what His activities are.  However, more than ever before we can be aware of and know what He is doing.  There really is no shortage of information these days, we just need to be selective and find reliable sources.  So, one of my objectives with this article is to introduce some ways and places to enlarge our tunnel vision and expand our horizons.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service