Muslim Woman in Middle East who Attacked Preacher Online because he Preached the Gospel Now Worships Jesus with her Family

A Muslim woman in the Middle East just wanted to pass some time when she decided to watch a Facebook video about Christianity, but when she heard the speaker say that Jesus is God, she fired off some insulting replies.

Rojda* also messaged the teacher, a native missionary, that Jesus of Nazareth was merely a prophet. She requested a New Testament under a false name so she could cite passages from the Bible itself to prove this to him, she said.

“Yet, as I read the New Testament, my whole attitude changed,” Rojda said. “My husband noticed that I was reading a New Testament, and I quickly hid it with fear of what he would do to me.”

Surprisingly, her husband gently told her that he had attended a church service out of curiosity while visiting another city, she said. He told her he’d heard about a church in their city and suggested they visit it. Rojda then opened a new Facebook account, connected with the local missionary she had reviled before and asked him – a convert from Islam – some questions about his faith.

She opened a new Facebook account, connected with the local missionary she had reviled before and asked him some questions about his faith.

“His answers and my continued searching of the New Testament caused me to believe with all my heart, yet I didn’t share this with my husband, who really only gave me permission to read the New Testament, not to believe what it says,” Rojda said.

Spiritual Forces

She initiated a series of conversations about religion with her husband, hoping to draw him into discussions about Christianity.

Rojda said she asked him if he had seen any of the local missionary’s church sermons posted online and noted that men and women sat together during worship, which her religion told her was forbidden.

“He responded by saying, ‘Open the website, and let’s watch it together,’” Rojda said. “We watched where even the children were included in the worship times, which was so attractive to us. How nice to worship God as a family, all together.”

She and her husband watched the online sermons regularly for several months, the local missionary said. They managed to find his telephone number online and sent him a text message saying they wanted to talk.

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission