Detroit Pastor and Radio Host George William Bogle Sr Dies at 86

Evangelical Christian pastor Rev. George William Bogle was a man of God.

Hobbies didn’t interest him — neither did television nor idle chatter. Of everything, he loved his nightly prayer request radio broadcast and preaching most. In his 86 years of life, the Michigan-based pastor touched millions.

On Feb. 12, Bogle died peacefully in his sleep, at a rehabilitation center weeks after undergoing surgery for neck cancer.

“Because of all the things Dad did, he won the love of people. And if you travel the circles of the church community in Detroit, there’s not many, especially if they’re over the age of 25, that have not heard of Pastor Bogle and in some ways touched by him,” said Bogle’s eldest son, George Bogle Jr.

The elder Bogle’s journey to ministry began with a weekly broadcast, “Night Vision,” starting in 1967, that ran for half an hour. In 90 days, the program transformed into a nightly broadcast that lasted two hours. From there, it continued to grow over multiple stations. Bogle would answer prayer requests until 2 a.m.

“One call after another, people would call with ‘My mom’s having surgery tomorrow would you pray,’ ‘My son’s on drugs, would you pray,’ ‘My marriage is in rupture, would you pray’ and he took one call after another,” said George Bogle Jr.

The program’s reach continued to grow, and in 1970, the elder Bogle moved with his family to Detroit and opened the House of Prayer, a ministry that drew a racially diverse crowd and was something Bogle was known for.

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SOURCE: Detroit Free Press, Minnah Arshad