Operation Mobilisation’s Ship Ministry Celebrates 50 Years at Sea

OM launches 50th anniversary appeal.

The pioneering vessel, Logos, and her volunteer crew left a shipyard in Rotterdam on 18 February 1971. They were bound for London, where the refitted ship was shown to supporters of the venture and loaded with literature for her maiden voyage to India.

In the five decades since, the ministry’s four vessels have covered enough nautical miles to circumnavigate the globe five times; with crew having welcomed almost 49 million people up the gangways and reached out to perhaps as many more again on shore. Logos, Doulos, Logos II and Logos Hope have shared knowledge, help and hope in 150 countries; distributed hundreds of tonnes of books and aid supplies; supported communities after natural disasters and come alongside those who are marginalised in society.

The ships’ volunteers – mostly young people from upwards of 60 different nations – have inspired thousands more to step out in service, grown in their own personal faith and received training for their future through their experiences on board.

Operation Mobilisation’s founder, George Verwer, says that when he first floated the idea of buying a ship to give the ministry global reach, people thought he had ‘lost his marbles.’

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SOURCE: Assist News Service