Germany urges ‘caution’ as coronavirus plague infections climb again

German Health Minister Jens Spahn urged caution on Sunday in the face of rising coronavirus infection numbers, just as schools across the country prepare to reopen.

“The virus isn’t making it easy for us,” Spahn told German broadcaster ARD.

“We’re seeing that the numbers are climbing again. That’s annoying, and it brings back some uncertainty. That’s why caution, testing and vaccinating must continue to guide our path.”

Germany has been in a partial lockdown since November and had succeeded in bringing down the infection rate in recent weeks.

But the numbers then began to plateau and even slightly increase in recent days, a trend blamed on the rapid spread of the more contagious British variant of the virus.

Experts are warning that Germany could be at the start of a third coronavirus wave, even as the country’s 16 states begin to relax some of their curbs.

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Source: Medical Xpress