Ex-Eagles Coach Doug Pederson Takes the Biggest Loss in Carson Wentz Exchange

(David Maialetti/The Associated Press)

Sure, Jalen Hurts wins. Carson Wentz wins. Frank Reich wins.

The big loser? Doug Pederson.

You remember him — the guy bronzed alongside Nick Foles as a statue outside The Linc that pays homage to the “Philly, Philly” moment from Super Bowl LII, the high point of Pederson’s five-year tenure as Eagles coach. The guy who will never have to buy a beer in The City of Brotherly Love because he delivered that long sought-after championship.

The guy who was fired a little more than a month ago amid speculation that the breaking point involved his insistence that the team move forward with Hurts.

Look at the Eagles now. Moving forward with Hurts. And with Pederson replaced by an unproven coach, Nick Sirianni, who made a horrible first impression during his introductory news conference in late January.

Philly’s switch to Hurts, whom Pederson inserted as the rookie starter to replace a struggling Wentz in the last quarter of the season, has the potential for greatness. With his opportunity, Hurts demonstrated a multi-dimensional spark that made it clear that Wentz — despite his whopping $128 million contract extension — was yesterday’s franchise quarterback.

Hurts, last year’s second-round pick, gets the chance to be the starter, with a whole offseason to prepare and apparently without the cloud of a QB controversy.

That Pederson wanted to go there might not have been good business salary cap-wise, but it was good business in the football-is-a-meritocracy realm.

Of course, in dumping Pederson following a 4-11-1 mudslide in 2020, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie insisted that the decision didn’t merely hinge on the quarterback conundrum. He said it involved multiple factors. But let’s be for real. It just had to pain Lurie to commit to a $128 million contract for a quarterback who was on the way out.

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